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Set and Modify Close Date/Cut-off date (after this date a form cannot be submitted)

When distributing a form, you can add a 'Close date/time' (See Fig 1 below - Setting Close Date). When this date is reached, the form will be locked, and the recipient will be informed that they can no longer complete the form.

If you wish to view the close date on a form which has already been distributed, you can click on the Responses, then view individual responses. The close-date is listed against each individual distribution (you can apply different close dates to different people. (See Fit 2-3)

If you wish to modify the close date after the form has been sent (or after the form has been closed), you can do so by accessing the individual form responses, selecting the checkbox, clicking on the 'Action' dropdown and selecting 'Modify Close Date'. (See Fig 4-5 below)

When the form is closed, the recipient will see a message advising that it is closed, and that they can no longer complete. (See Fig 6-7 below)

Set Close Date

FIG 1 - Set Close Date

View the Close Date Set

FIG 2 - Click to View 

FIG 3 - View date/time

Modify Close Date

FIG 4 - Select dates to modify

FIG 5 - Pick new date/time and save

Closed Form

FIG 6 - Closed form

FIG 7 - Cannot fill in the fields

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