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Signmee Customer Feedback and Support

Knowledge Base

  1. Account Set Up 

    1. I do not have a second email address
    2. Set up personal Signmee account
    3. Set up a business/school account
    4. Accepting an invitation to join Signmee and connect to a business/school
    5. Accepting a business account membership invitation
  2. Announcements 

    1. I have stopped receiving email notifications / alerts
    2. ERROR Message - please log out and in again
    3. Maps currently not working
    5. Internet Explorer (IE) issues
  3. Best Practice 

    1. EOTC (and RAMS) in Signmee
    2. Best Practice #1: Whole school event distributions
  4. Build/edit Signmee eForms 

    1. Create form from template
    2. Add attachment (E.g. PDF flyer) to a Signmee communication
    3. Add student medical form
    4. Save a Signmee form as a PDF
    5. Add check boxes (giving receivers the ability to select multiple options)
  5. FAQs 

    1. Set and Modify Close Date/Cut-off date (after this date a form cannot be submitted)
    2. Cannot pay with POLi or Credit Card - Payment Error
    3. Screen slow to load
    4. Can anyone set up a school/business Signmee account?
    5. Who can use the school/business account?
  6. Grabmee 

    1. What is a Grabmee?
    2. How do schools/businesses create Grabmee forms?
  7. Manage My Account 

    1. Remove myself from a school or business (unsubscribe and stop receiving notifications and forms)
    2. How do I archive filled forms
    3. Delete a form from your Signmee Inbox
    4. Log out of Signmee
    5. How do I update my email address in Signmee?
  8. Manage School Account 

    1. Send Signmee to Students (Read Only or to Sign)
    2. Create letterhead - resize logo and change fonts
    3. Add members (teachers/staff) to your business account
    4. Roles (Member)
    5. Set up PayPal to receive payments in Signmee
  9. Schedulemee 

    1. Create a 'Parent Teacher Interview' schedule
  10. Signed Forms 

    1. Sign, withdraw, update, decline a form
  11. Video Series 

    1. Video 1: Create personal account
    2. Video 2: Connecting to a business as a contact
    3. Video 3: Respond and sign communications or grabmees
    4. Video 4: Set up new business account and add members
    5. Video 5: Add contacts (students/parents) to the school account
  12. All articles 

    1. What is a Grabmee?
    2. Do I need to have an email address to use Signmee?
    3. When do I set up my account?
    4. Do I have to pay anything for my personal account?
    5. Video 1: Create personal account
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