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  1. Account Set Up 

    1. I do not have a second email address
    2. Set up personal Signmee account
    3. Set up a business/school account
    4. Accepting an invitation to join Signmee and connect to a business/school
    5. Accepting a business account membership invitation
  2. Announcements 

    1. ERROR Message - please log out and in again
    2. Maps currently not working
    4. Internet Explorer (IE) issues
    5. Signmee currently showing an error
  3. Best Practice 

    1. EOTC (and RAMS) in Signmee
    2. Best Practice #1: Whole school event distributions
  4. Build/edit Signmee eForms 

    1. Create form from template
    2. Add attachment (E.g. PDF flyer) to a Signmee communication
    3. Add student medical form
    4. Save a Signmee form as a PDF
    5. Add check boxes (giving receivers the ability to select multiple options)
  5. FAQs 

    1. Set and Modify Close Date/Cut-off date (after this date a form cannot be submitted)
    2. Cannot pay with POLi or Credit Card - Payment Error
    3. Screen slow to load
    4. Can anyone set up a school/business Signmee account?
    5. Who can use the school/business account?
  6. Grabmee 

    1. What is a Grabmee?
    2. How do schools/businesses create Grabmee forms?
  7. Manage My Account 

    1. Remove myself from a school or business (unsubscribe and stop receiving notifications and forms)
    2. How do I archive filled forms
    3. Delete a form from your Signmee Inbox
    4. Log out of Signmee
    5. How do I update my email address in Signmee?
  8. Manage School Account 

    1. Send Signmee to Students (Read Only or to Sign)
    2. Create letterhead - resize logo and change fonts
    3. Add members (teachers/staff) to your business account
    4. Roles (Member)
    5. Set up PayPal to receive payments in Signmee
  9. Schedulemee 

    1. Create a 'Parent Teacher Interview' schedule
  10. Signed Forms 

    1. Sign, withdraw, update, decline a form
  11. Video Series 

    1. Video 1: Create personal account
    2. Video 2: Connecting to a business as a contact
    3. Video 3: Respond and sign communications or grabmees
    4. Video 4: Set up new business account and add members
    5. Video 5: Add contacts (students/parents) to the school account
  12. All articles 

    1. What is a Grabmee?
    2. Do I need to have an email address to use Signmee?
    3. When do I set up my account?
    4. Do I have to pay anything for my personal account?
    5. Video 1: Create personal account
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