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Sign in with Cipherise

We have now introduced an easier, more secure way to log in to Signmee and also to sign forms. Instead of typing in username and password, you simply scan the QR code or click 'Sign in with Cipherise' button, depending on the device you are on. 

Set up BioSign and simple sign in

1. Download Cipherise App

Firstly you will need to download the app. The app is available in the Apple
Store and Google Play store. Search for Cipherise and download the app.

2. Create a PIN or Keyword (5 digit)

Use the OneTiCK keypad to type a PIN or Keyword. We recommend a 5 digit number to make it easy for you. NOTE: You will only need to authenticate with this number on a fortnightly to monthly basis, depending on your Cipherise settings. By adding this number you are using a 'multifactor' check to ensure that only you can access your Signmee account.

Step 3. Link Signmee to Cipherise

Once you have set up your keyword for the Cipherise app, you will need to connect Signmee to your app. Go to the Signmee login screen and click 'Don't have Cipherise' button. You will be stepped through the one time set-up process.

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