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Merge Tags in Signmee

If you would like to personalise a note (such as an Excursion form), you can embed merge tags, which will be replaced with the personalised information linked to the receiver. Select and add any of the following merge tags. 

IMPORTANT: Currently tags will only work in the Body of the communication, not in the Response section (See image below Fig 1)

IMPORTANT: When sending a form to Student Contacts, the students name automatically appears in the Greetings section (See below Fig 2)

IMPORTANT: You must include both brackets
• A square and curly bracket to open the merge tag
• A curly and square bracket to close

IMPORTANT: You must include the exact text as listed below for the merge to be successful. Merge tags and what they do 

  • [{RecipientFirstName}] displays the recipients first name i.e. who the communication has been sent to
  • [{RecipientLastName}] displays the recipients last name 
  • [{RecipientName}] displays a combination of recipients first and last name e.g. James Barker 
  • [{StudentFirstName}] displays the student first name 
  • [{StudentLastName}] displays the student last name 
  • [{StudentName}] displays a combination of the students first and last name 
  • [{StudentDOB}] displays student's date of birth

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