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Enrol with Cipherise (Set up Cipherise in Signmee)

In order to use Cipherise App on your smart phone to log in to Signmee, you will need to complete the set up (Enrol with Cipherise).

Steps to Enrol

Load the Cipherise App on your phone, then follow the setup process below...

Step 1: Click on the Set up link on the Signmee login screen
(If you are already signed in to Signmee, you can go to your Settings and click on the Registered logins tab) See Fig 1 and Fig 2 below

Step 2: Log in to Signmee to Set up (if you are not already logged in)

Step 3: Click on the set up button

Step 4: Scan the QR code to connect your phone to Signmee

Step 5: Click accept to confirm the your phone and your PC are displaying the same icon


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