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Add School Bytes 'Parent Online Payment Portal' link to Signmee forms

School Bytes schools can now add a personalised Parent Online Portal link to any Signmee form using a simple merge tag. The merge tag is replaced with the parent's personal link to their School Bytes Online Payments Portal. The addition of the portal link allows you to direct parents to their payment summary from Signmee.

Adding School Bytes Parent Online Payment Portal Link to a form:

Step 1: Load personalised links using Signmee Bulk Upload
When loading school data, simply include the personalise Parent Online Portal link. This can be downloaded directly from School Bytes. See details: 

Step 2: Create a form with the School Bytes link merge tag
  • In order for parents to see their personalised links within Signmee forms, you simply need to insert the tag [{Link}] (See Fig 1)
  • When a parent is signed into their Signmee account, they will see their personalised link to their Parent Online Payment Portal (Fig 2)
  • The link will take the parent to their personal Parent Online Payment Portal page

Adding the merge tag when building a form

Insert the merge tag in any location on the form. This tag will be replaced with the Parent Online Payment Portal link when the parent signs in to Signmee to view/sign the form.

Viewing the merge tag/link as a parent

Viewing the Parent Online Payment Portal

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