Send Signmee to Students (Read Only or to Sign)

Schools can now add student email addresses to Signmee via the Bulk Upload, or manually in Student Contacts.

Once a student has an email address in Signmee, a school can choose to include the student in a distribution. When sending to students, schools have the following options:
  • Send to student as a Read Only - Student and parent/carer/s will receive a copy, but only the parent/carer can sign
  • Send to a student to read/sign - Student or parent/carer/s can sign
  • Send to student only - Student will receive form to fill/sign. Parent/carer will not receive a copy.
Adding a student email address in Signmee

The current default setting - do not send to student

Send to students Read Only

Send to students to read/sign

Send to a student only, to read/sign

What do Students see in Read Only mode...

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