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Set up Messenger Alerts for Signmee

Signmee has introduced Messenger Alerts, to allow users to receive notifications in Messenger whenever a Signmee communication is received. 

Messenger notifications will only start after a users opts in and follows the basic set up steps. Once set up, users can opt to turn on/off at any stage. See the steps below to set up, and manage messenger alerts.

Set up messenger notifications for Signmee:

Step 1:

Click on the OPT IN link from Signmee Dashboard/Inbox or from 'My settings' tab.

Step 2:
Click "Get Started" button in Messenger, then type "HI". This will start the Signmee chat to set you up. 
Click the Log In button.

Step 3:
Enter your Signmee login details. This will connect your Messenger account with Signmee.

Check your Messenger Settings in Signmee

Return to Signmee, and click on My Settings tab.

Manage messenger notifications for Signmee:

You can turn Messenger notification on or off by signing in to your Signmee account, and navigating to 'My settings' tab. You will see the option to select/deselect Messenger. Ensure you click Save if you have made a change.

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