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What is a Grabmee?

On your personal Signmee dashboard there is a section called 'Grabmee' (the yellow section as shown below). In this section you will see forms for you to "grab" as needed. When you click the "Grabmee" button, the form will open for you to complete and sign. Once signed, the form will be stored in your Signmee inbox for future reference, and a copy of your response/form will also be made available to the school/business who owns the form.

If you simply wish to preview the Grabmee, click on the form title, and a copy of the form will appear for you to view.

If you do grab a form and decide you do not need it, you can simply delete.

A Grabmee form may be grabbed and completed on more than one occasion. For example, Uniform Order Forms can be grabbed and completed as needed. One week you may be ordering a hat. The next week it may be a jumper. The forms are available for you to take as needed, and will be removed/updated by the form owner as necessary.


When you grab a "Grabmee" form, you may be prompted to indicate who the form relates to. For example, if you have 3 children connected to your Signmee account, you will see all the names of your children, as well as your own name. Simply select the person you wish to connect with the form, and proceed.


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