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Set up a business/school account

Watch: Set up business account video

First create a personal account. From the dashboard, click on the account drop down window and select 'Create Business Account' option from the list.

Are you the school principal/ CEO/ Manager with permission to set up a business account?

Select the option 'I am the principal with authority to approve the school account.'

This will allow you to create and approve a business account in the one transaction.

NOTE: The locality field should automatically populate when you select your address from the Address picker (Google). If a Locality is not added automatically, please update as this is a mandatory field. Locality can be suburb/town/region.

If you are not authorised to set up the account, simply leave the 'Authorised' box unchecked.

An automated email will be sent to the principal you listed. The principal will be required to create a personal Signmee account. Once created, they will be presented with a 'school account activation' screen before being directed to their account dashboard.

Once the principal approves and activates the account, an automated notification will go to the original account creator. Both the creator and principal will have "Administrator" rights to the school account.

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