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Does it cost more to use the payment facility and send SMS?

Signmee credits cover the cost of sending any communication, regardless of what it contains. A communication may simply be a notification advising that the school will be closed on the final day of term at 2pm, or as complex as a school camp form which includes details of the camp, a permission section requiring a signature, a response section with medical and dietary questions, a payment section for camp payments and the option to collect information via attachments.

SMS alerts are optional, and incur an additional charge.

For schools/businesses on a subscription, SMS credits can be purchases as needed. 1 SMS credit is deducted per SMS. For schools, there is an option to send SMS message to the primary parent/connection, rather than both parents.

For schools/business on a PAYG plan, SMS credits are deducted from your PAYG credits. 1 credit per SMS.

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