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Load students and parent details into Signmee from CSV

Watch: Add contacts to the school Signmee account

Signmee allows you to take School Administration System export file, and import into Signmee. Follow the 4 steps to import below.

4 steps to import students

  1. Decide what mailing list groupings you would like to see in Signmee. See Student Tags below.

  2. Export data from Student Management System as Excel or CSV.

  3. Open file in a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel. Ensure the data is clean: I.e. every student has at least one parent name and email, all students have a DOB and all the mandatory fields.

  4. You must save Excel file as CSV (Comma delimited) and then upload into Signmee. Make sure your file has .CSV extension when uploading to Signmee.

If you have difficulty importing the CSV file you’ve create, take a look at the troubleshooting article for tips to resolve your issues.


Decide on the data you would like to add to Signmee

Open the example - Signmee Data Upload Excel Template for an overview of data required.

Signmee has required data (mandatory columns), and optional data.

Data overview

1. Student details - mandatory (must use the labels defined and ordered)

This data is used to manage the connection between school and home. Parent/carer details are mandatory to enable the school to connect Signmee accounts with Parent/carers. More information on contacts



Up to 4 connections (parents/carers) can be linked to each student record. E.g. Connection2FirstName, Connection2LastName, Connection2Email

*StudentID is optional and can be left blank/removed/excluded

2. Student tags - optional (any labels can be used)

Tags are most important, as they are used to create distribution groups for Signmee communications. If you create/upload more tags, you will have greater choice when targeting communications. Tags are unlimited. More information on tags


Valid data: Y, N, Yes, No, text, number, blank

Number of tags unlimited

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