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Updating student tags for a new school year (roll over)

Step 1: Remove students who are no longer at your school

To do this, go to Contacts, Student contacts tab and add a filter to find the group of students leaving. E.g. Year 12 Students. (See step 1 in the example below)
Click the 'Select all' checkbox (or select/check the students you wish to remove individually), and click on the 'Archive selected' button. (See step 2 in the example below)

Step 2: Delete old tags (Distribution groups)

To do this, go the Contacts, and Manage tags tab. Select individual tags you wish to remove. If you would like to start fresh, you can click the select all checkbox, and all tags will be checked. Once you are satisfied with your selection, click on Delete selected button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Download student data in CSV format from your student system

Download a copy of your student data for the new year, using the Signmee template headings as an example.
Send the file to the Signmee team to check before loading. You can use the secure upload feature (see below) to submit your file, or send via email or other means as preferred.

Sample CSV file of student data for Signmee

Make sure you include the following mandatory fields (all other fields will become your mailing groups):
Student first name
Student last name
Student DOB
Parent 1 first name
Parent 1 last name
Parent 1 email

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