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Create a 'Parent Teacher Interview' schedule

Schedulemee can be used to create a Parent Teacher Interview schedule. The schedule can be set up in a number of ways. The following is an example only, based on the system template.

One schedule per family to complete and manage bookings
The schedule can be sent to the 'Eldest child'. The parent can then select teachers, times and students, for  all children in the family, using the one form.

Creating a schedule

1. Go to the template library and click on the 'Schedule' folder. See below.

2. Copy the 'Parent Teacher Interview Booking form  (Sample) by clicking on the purple 'Replicate' button. See below.

3. To edit the schedule, click on the pencil 'Edit' icon.
Edit the form by removing the sample schedules, and adding your own school schedules. Alternatively you can just update the existing with your own teachers/times.

4. Add teachers and times.

5. We strongly recommend you DO NOT use the Cut-off feature in the form. You can set the cut-off when sending the form instead.

5. Publish and send for response. 

Ensure you set the Cut-Off date when sending, to stop responses.

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