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Remove past students from the Student Contacts list

NOTE: The tag filter feature shown below will be available from 30th Jan 2015.

Remove past students (students who have finished schooling at your school, or families who have left)

The Student contacts page has been updated to enable administrators to archive past students. The following steps outline a bulk Archive of a year level who no longer attend the school:

See screen shots below:
Step 1: Click on the filter drop-down to see the list of all your tags
Step 2: Select the group of students who are no longer at your school
Step 3: Click select all check box to select each student to remove from your contact list (to the archive)
Step 4: Click button at the bottom of the screen "Archive selected"
Step 5: All your past students will be removed from the contact list and placed in the archive. You can click on the archive to view them (or 'restore' if you accidentally archive students)

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