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Sign, withdraw, update, decline a form


When a form is sent to a contact, the contact will need to authenticate with Signmee before the form can be filled and signed. To sign, complete all the mandatory fields and enter password, then click to sign.


A form can be withdrawn at any stage up until the 'Action by' date that is set by the form owner. The 'Action by' date can be seen on your the dashboard. See see below. If the 'Action date' is still valid, then click on the form and then the 'Withdraw and update' button as shown below. You will be prompted to provide a reason for the withdrawal.

Your form data will be removed from the senders account, and your signatures status on the form will be set to 'Withdrawn'. The sender will have access to the withdrawal reason.


Follow the steps to 'Withdraw' as shown above. When getting to the Withdraw/Update pop-up (shown above), select 'Update and resign'. You will be prompted to complete any mandatory fields before signing. One signed, the form owner will have access to the new data. No record of the previous form submission will be available. This data is withdrawn from the system and no longer stored for access.


A form can be declined by clicking the 'Decline' link in the signature panel.

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