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Best Practice #1: Whole school event distributions

When sending to the whole school, it is easy to send a form to the entire student list in one hit. Whilst this is extremely fast, it is difficult to track responses by class without publishing reports and sorting.

Send to whole school - difficult to track

Sports Carnival Form sent to entire school – difficult to track at a glance - 537 sent, 376 opened, 255 actions. This makes it difficult for classroom teachers to see if their class is coming/not...etc

[Recommended] Send to class (or year levels) - simple to track

Create form, then duplicate the form and rename it for each class or year level. Much easier to track response by class.

Option 1: When the final form is published, all teachers can go in and take a copy of the Original, and rename with their class name and send to their class group.
Option 2: When the final form is published, an administrator in the office can take copies and distribute to each class group.
Option 3: Whatever works for your school

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