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View student medical form - individual forms or whole school report

Signmee has a medical form designed specifically for schools to capture student contact and medical details. This form can be sent to parents annually for parents to update, or throughout the year if required (e.g. for camp). Each time the parent receives the "Purple Medical Form" (See below), the existing data for a given child will be pre-populated. Parents are only required to update.

To add the medical form in the Signmee editor:

When the form is distributed and completed by parents, a copy of the latest filled form is available in the Student Contacts against each student. A summary of all the latest student contact and medical data can be downloaded as a spreadsheet. See below: 

1. Link to student medical form.
2. Link to a spreadsheet of all students medical data. Where a student has no medical data, the row will be blank.

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