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Set up POLi payments

Signmee can be used to collect payments via POLi Payments for products/events/services.

In order to collect payments using Signmee you must first add your POLi Merchant Credentials into Signmee. If you do not have a POLi account, please create one using the steps below (See steps below for Australia and New Zealand).

Once you have created your POLi merchant account, you'll find your business POLi Mercahnt Credentials in the Merchant Account Record (MAR) document that was sent to you when your POLi Account was created.
Once set up, you may also like to visit:

Setting up Australian POLi account:

Australian Businesses   

1: Click on Merchant Sign Up

2: Select 'I have an Australian online business', and 'Next'

3:Complete your details and your business details, and select 'Signmee' from the dropdown list.

4: Complete the form and submit

5: Wait for your POLi payments Welcome Letter to arrive by email. This will contain your "Merchant Account Records" PDF, with your Merchant Account Details needed for Signmee.

6: Add your Merchant Account Details to Signmee

Update your Merchant Account with your school logo (so that parents see that it is your school's POLI account they are paying).

To do this, log in to your POLi console
Your POLi login details are in your POLi Merchant Account Record sent with the welcome letter.
  • From the Entities section, add a logo to your account - this will be visible to your customers during POLi™ transactions
  • Edit your account details to show the correct email and telephone support details
  • Lodge support requests

Set up NZ POLi Account

NZ businesses

From the home screen click 'Apply for a POLi Merchant Account'

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