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Adding POLi payment option to a Signmee form

To add a POLi payment option to a Signmee form, you must first ensure that you have added your POLi Merchant Account Authentication Code and Merchant Code to Signmee. See

Once you have you POLi credentials added to Signmee, you will be able to add the POLi option to your payment forms.

NOTE: If the POLi option does not appear, see Fig 4 below.

Fig 1: Add Payment and Charges to your form

Fig 2: Add charge description, unit price and check POLi Payments option. You can include other payment options if you wish.

Fig 3: Preview the payments, charges and payment options

Fig 4: Sometimes the POLi Payment option will not appear (especially if you copied an old for or a template). In this case, you will need to delete the existing payment window and add a new one. Annoying...sorry!

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