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Where do I find the Google Calendar Embed code?

The following article provides an overview of adding the calendar
1. For viewing
2. For updating (send a form with a calendar that can be updated)

1. Embed calendar in a Signmee form for viewing

Open your Google Calendar.

  • Select the calendar you wish to share from the 'My calendars' section. Click the drop down and select 'Share this Calendar' option.

  • Ensure that the calendar is public (otherwise the people you send it to will not be able to view this)
  • Click save
  • Click 'Calendar Details

  • Find the Embed This Calendar section. There you will find the code to copy.

  • Go to Signmee and insert the code into a form.

2. Add a calendar for updating

The following email address must be added to your calendar to enable this feature.

   Add calendar in the Signmee Editor

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