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EOTC (and RAMS) in Signmee

Signmee contains a suite of EOTC Sample forms to be copied and modified to suit your school needs.


We recommend schools have 2 Signmee accounts to effectively manage EOTC. The additional account will be for 'Staff ONLY'. You will use the staff account to create, send, track EOTC and RAMS forms, whilst you will use your regular school account to send form to the students/parents (E.g. the consent and participation notices).

Additional accounts are free for schools on the 12000 plan. For schools with smaller Signmee plans, an additional charge of $204 (NZD) will be charged annually for this service.

Signmee Team consultants are also available to assist with the implementation of online EOTC, setting up the best workflows for your school. A small training fee will be charged for this service if required.

About the forms:

Setting up  workflow for your schools

EOTC Event Proposal form

Please use a school Staff Signmee account when copying and updating this form. This form is for Staff use only.
  1. In your school 'Staff account', go to the Library, Template Library, EOTC forms folder. Find the 'EOTC Event Proposal' form and take a copy (click the purple copy button)
  2. Change the form to a Grabmee (as this form will be grabbed by staff to fill out - you do not want to have to send it to staff as this would be an extra step - info on  Grabmees)
  3. Update the title by clicking the edit (pencil) icon. RENAME: EOTC Event Proposal Form 2016 (or the relevant year and term if you wish)
  4. You may like to edit the content of the form (by clicking the little edit buttons on the right)
  5. Save as final/publish
  6. You can then click the 'Share' button, which will contain a link to the form - paste the link on the Intranet for staff to access
  7. Staff can access this form on the Intranet (if your school has one), or in Signmee in the Grabmee section. NOTE - only staff members will see this form in their account (not parents)

Save a link to your website...

EOTC Event Approval

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