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  1. Accept Member Invitation

  2. Accepting a business account membership invitation

  3. Accepting an invitation to join Signmee and connect to a business/school

  4. Add attachment (E.g. PDF flyer) to a Signmee communication

  5. Add check boxes (giving receivers the ability to select multiple options)

  6. Add members (teachers/staff) to your business account

  7. Add School Bytes 'Parent Online Payment Portal' link to Signmee forms

  8. Add student contacts (students/parents) to the school Signmee account

  9. Add student medical form

  10. Add text response fields to forms (and change positions on the form)

  11. Adding POLi payment option to a Signmee form

  12. Alert email was not able to be delivered to parent

  13. Alert settings - notifications when parents update medical form

  14. Best Practice #1: Whole school event distributions

  15. Can anyone set up a school/business Signmee account?

  16. Can I link my personal account to more than one Signmee business account?

  17. Can I update the form?

  18. Cannot pay with POLi or Credit Card - Payment Error

  19. Convert a form to a grabmee instead of a signmee

  20. Create a 'Parent Teacher Interview' schedule

  21. Create a mailing group for staff/teachers (tags)

  22. Create a template to add to Our Templates in the Library

  23. Create form from template

  24. Create letterhead - resize logo and change fonts

  25. Create tags for a new group (e.g. Netball team)

  26. Delete a form from your Signmee Inbox

  27. Do I have to pay anything for my personal account?

  28. Do I need to have an email address to use Signmee?

  29. Does it cost more to use the payment facility and send SMS?

  30. Edit alert settings for Signmee business account members

  31. Enrol with Cipherise (Set up Cipherise in Signmee)

  32. EOTC (and RAMS) in Signmee

  33. ERROR Message - please log out and in again

  34. How do i access an attachment

  35. How do I archive filled forms

  36. How do I filter the Excel report from Signmee

  37. How do I update my email address in Signmee?

  38. How do schools/businesses create Grabmee forms?

  39. I do not have a second email address

  40. I have added a new parent and I now need to send them the past forms (old forms)

  41. I have three children at one school. Do I need three different Signmee accounts?

  42. Internet Explorer (IE) issues

  43. Is Signmee designed just for schools?

  44. Load students and parent details into Signmee from CSV

  45. Log out of Signmee

  46. Maps currently not working

  47. Merge Tags in Signmee

  48. NOTIFICATION: SYSTEM down time - 05/06/2015

  49. Pay using direct debit

  50. Pay with POLi (Australia and NZ)

  51. Print a copy of the form

  52. Registermee - Assign a Person to a Sport or Activity

  53. Reminder dates - where can I see the reminder date I set?

  54. Remove myself from a school or business (unsubscribe and stop receiving notifications and forms)

  55. Remove past students from the Student Contacts list

  56. Reset my password

  57. Retract a form

  58. Roles (Member)

  59. Save a Signmee form as a PDF

  60. School Bytes - Signmee Data File

  61. Screen slow to load

  62. Sending SMS/text messages in Signmee

  63. Set and Modify Close Date/Cut-off date (after this date a form cannot be submitted)

  64. Set up a business/school account

  65. Set up Braintree account to collect credit card payments in Signmee

  66. Set up PayPal to receive payments in Signmee

  67. Set up personal Signmee account

  68. Set up POLi payments

  69. Should we have one Signmee account per family, or individual accounts for each parent?

  70. Sign in with Cipherise

  71. Sign, withdraw, update, decline a form

  72. Signmee currently showing an error


  74. Signmee receipts

  75. Switching accounts (from personal account to your business account)

  76. Translate Signmee to another language

  77. Turn on cookies in Chrome

  78. Unsubscribe from school/business

  79. Update my account details including my Signmee email address

  80. Updating student tags for a new school year (roll over)

  81. Video 10: View/monitor responses

  82. Video 11: Purchases, payments and receipts

  83. Video 1: Create personal account

  84. Video 2: Connecting to a business as a contact

  85. Video 3: Respond and sign communications or grabmees

  86. Video 4: Set up new business account and add members

  87. Video 5: Add contacts (students/parents) to the school account

  88. Video 6: Set up PayPal (to enable the business to receive funds) (OPTIONAL)

  89. Video 7: Set up BPAY (to enable the business to receive funds) (OPTIONAL)

  90. Video 8: Create business letterheads (logo and images)

  91. Video 9: Create and distribute communications

  92. View student medical form - individual forms or whole school report

  93. What happens to our communications when we move on to another school?

  94. What is a Grabmee?

  95. What is Sign in with Facebook, Linked in, Microsoft and Google for?

  96. When do I set up my account?

  97. Where do I find the Google Calendar Embed code?

  98. Who can use the school/business account?

  99. Will I always receive and SMS/text alert when a communication reaches my in box?

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