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Airpay set up and support

Collect Payments with Airpay

Connect your Airpay Merchant account to Signmee to start sending and receiving payment forms from your customers, clients, staff and suppliers.

Basic Set Up Steps

Step 1: Find your Airpay Settings (required for Signmee)

Click on Merchant Manager

Click on Settings option

You will see your 'Settings'. These are required for Signmee.

Step 2: Copy Settings from Airpay Into Signmee

In Signmee, navigate to your Payment Settings tab.

Add your Merchant Code, Airpay Secret (API Key), Airpay Username, Airpay Password. These can be found in your Airpay account.

Step 3: Start Creating Payment forms

When you add a payment section to a form, you will see the Airpay options. (Good idea to set it to selected if it is the only option).

For details on Airpay payments, visit 

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