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Accepting a business account membership invitation

It is important to realise that you only need ONE Signmee account. From the one account, you can connect to many businesses and schools. You can even create your own business, and switch between your personal and business account. You may also be invited to join other business accounts as a member, to act on the business behalf.

Accepting a 'member' invitation

Email invitation

If you have received an invitation to become a member of a school or a business, you will see the following email.


When you click 'Accept invite' button, you will be taken to a browser window where you be asked to choose from two options:
1. Already using Signmee (I.e. You have an existing Signmee user name and password)
2. New to Signmee (I.e. You have never used Signmee before)

Already using Signmee

If you click 'I have a Signmee account', you will be taken to the log in screen. Once you log in, you will see a success message.

I'm new to Signmee

You will be taken to the registration screen, where you will register for a new Signmee account. For support with registering visit 'Set up personal account'.

Once registered, you will be taken to your business dashboard.

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