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Add student contacts (students/parents) to the school Signmee account

Watch: Add contact to the school Signmee account

Adding contacts to a school account
When a school adds contacts (student and parent details) to the school Signmee account, all parents have a status of "Inactive connections".In order to activate the connections, the administrator must select the "Connection invite" checkbox, and click 'Invite selected' button.This will result in an email invitation for all parents.

The email invite will ask parents to sign in (existing Signmee account holders), or to register (for new Signmee users). 

Once parents sign in, they will be connected to the school, and a parent's status will change from 'Inactive connection' to
'Active connection'.

Contacts accepting invitation
Once a contact receives an email invitation to connect to the school, the contact must click on "Accept invite", and sign in. When they sign in, they will see the school name listed on their Inbox. They will also see a 'Welcome' Signmee.

View: Accepting an invitation to join Simee and connect to a business/school.

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